Gallery 12: BoA Icon Set

Aloha, everybody. Yeah, it just a rusty post from my LJ, but please welcome some BoA icons that I made a couple weeks ago.
If you interested in taking some, of course… I’ll be super glad to hear that, but please don’t forget to put credit upon them and drop a feedback for me 😀

PS: click the display pictures for downloading the icons.

Gallery 05

February, such a moment of love.
Okay, I admitted that I’m facing my national final exam now.
The preparations suck and the stuffies are boring. I did wanna quit, but I can’t.
I want to up date this blog ASAP, but again. I was forbidden.
Today, yeah! As the Valentine’s Day celebration is going to come, so I decided to make a lousy poster two days ago. I just have time now. Yesterday the effing preparation is blocked my leisure time, and here’s I represent my latest poster. There’s some icon, too that you can download via 4shared.


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Gallery 02

你好! Thanks for all your comments, before.
I didn’t expect that many friends will come here and visiting my blog.
I was soooo glad, reading your comments.
By the way, here’s some recent collection from my folders. Please, enjoy.




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