Gallery 11

Sorry for being vanish in a couple months. I just came back last week. Decided to make this blog as my protfolio, instead ofย  ‘taking request’ thread. So, be understand. I’ll probably take some request from some friends, but only for friend who needs my help; and of course we know each other ๐Ÿ˜€

So, please enjoy my latest artwork!



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Gallery 10

Finally, I comeback from two weeks hiatus.
Well, sorry for my friends who already queued for quite long time.
I must keep your requests tightly on my folder, instead ofย  faced such an annoyed internet connection in Surabaya.

Here’s my latest artwork;




Gallery 09: Scrapbook

I’m so glad to represent this thing. Yeah, a thing that I made by myself. Just finished it yesterday evening, I took quite long time. Alright, this is actually a gift for my friend – a farewell gift, then.ย  She’s going to leave Indonesia on May 11, 2012 studying abroad to Brisbane. I’m soooo excited to hear that, but also feel sad, because she told such a surprising news when we stayed a night together.

Well, this is the cover:
(tips: this was made by a cardboard from mineral water box, and you can add some cutie ribbons and pretty wrapping paper).

Then the first paper, I introduced our first activity on 19-20 April 2012.
(tips: you don’t need a thick double tape for stick the pictures, but you can use soft polyfoam to make the pictures pop up a bit higher)

The second,

The third,
(we played the games like Running Man, so you need a tripot and then a self-timer camera)

The fifth,
(well, the following day… we spent our morning playing UNO stacko) LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

Next page…
The ‘game’ team had prepared a unique game from 2PM show. Haha. So, we had to put a piece of biscuit on our forehead and move it (you can’t touch), ’till mouth and eat, and then… the next game, it copied from Running Man (again), we had to chose between six spoons and competed drinking coffee.


Last page,
we made a surprise party for Vivian (our friend) well, it wasn’t a party… may be, a prank. Haha.

So, here’s my editor post (my post then)

Gallery 06

What a wonderful April, I just came back from my long term hiatus. Haha.
Feels great, though. I’m seeking for any new requester now. Wanna try to request here?
The regulations are quite easy, just look up this page and I will be happy to help you, make your request comes true.
Well, please enjoy my latest poster, then…


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Gallery 05

February, such a moment of love.
Okay, I admitted that I’m facing my national final exam now.
The preparations suck and the stuffies are boring. I did wanna quit, but I can’t.
I want to up date this blog ASAP, but again. I was forbidden.
Today, yeah! As the Valentine’s Day celebration is going to come, so I decided to make a lousy poster two days ago. I just have time now. Yesterday the effing preparation is blocked my leisure time, and here’s I represent my latest poster. There’s some icon, too that you can download via 4shared.


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