Gallery 18

Hi to the ho! I might be very late for updating some new poster in past a year. College succeed in driving me nuts. So, as I’m in holiday right now. I decided to provide some helps for friends, esp. in making posters for their fan fictions. Some may be kinda old. But, some are fresh from the PS. Haha! Enjoy!




Gallery 10

Finally, I comeback from two weeks hiatus.
Well, sorry for my friends who already queued for quite long time.
I must keep your requests tightly on my folder, instead of  faced such an annoyed internet connection in Surabaya.

Here’s my latest artwork;




Gallery 02

你好! Thanks for all your comments, before.
I didn’t expect that many friends will come here and visiting my blog.
I was soooo glad, reading your comments.
By the way, here’s some recent collection from my folders. Please, enjoy.




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