Gallery 11

Sorry for being vanish in a couple months. I just came back last week. Decided to make this blog as my protfolio, instead of  ‘taking request’ thread. So, be understand. I’ll probably take some request from some friends, but only for friend who needs my help; and of course we know each other 😀

So, please enjoy my latest artwork!



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Gallery 05

February, such a moment of love.
Okay, I admitted that I’m facing my national final exam now.
The preparations suck and the stuffies are boring. I did wanna quit, but I can’t.
I want to up date this blog ASAP, but again. I was forbidden.
Today, yeah! As the Valentine’s Day celebration is going to come, so I decided to make a lousy poster two days ago. I just have time now. Yesterday the effing preparation is blocked my leisure time, and here’s I represent my latest poster. There’s some icon, too that you can download via 4shared.


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