Hi and welcome,

Let me introduce myself, first. My name is Azura. 19 years old and live in Indonesia. As I create this blog graphic request, I will take any request from inside and outside Indonesia. My English is not flawless, so please understand πŸ˜€

I’m taking request for posters, banners, signature, and icons. Dark and blending poster is my expertise, but you can ask me to make happy and cheery poster, too. I’m not good at making icons,Β  despite good at composing bright color.Β  If you interested in requesting a poster, please fill in this form:

Twitter ID / Facebook: (choose between two)
Pairings / Casts:
Mood (Genre): [happy, gloomy, dark, mellow, etc.]
Extra: [describe your suitable poster, setting, and theme]

But, if you want to request banner or signature, please fill in this form:

Twitter ID:
Feature on your signature or banner:


I had an experiment on making twitter background lately, but I just make this one for pairings/characters. Please fill in the form if you interested in requesting some:

Twitter ID:
The pairings/characters:
Basic Color:
Feature on your Twitter background:
Text or quotes: (if necessary)

Send the form via email to or you can contact me via twitter (@frostbitiggy). Before that check ‘on the list‘ page first, to know whether I capable in doing your request. Remember, I only take two stuffs every week. The finished graphics will be sent via email, except for the icons set, I’ll post them on my LJ page and give you the link.

The other things that you should pay attention are the rules:
1. Fill up the form correctly. Provide what is asked.
2. Send the form via email because I will ignore your request if you post it on comment bar.
2. I have the right to change the image if it’s not suitable on the poster and poster theme.
3. Credit the me and my site.
4. Be patient, I also have my own lives.
5. If you wish to cancel the request, do email me, ASAP.
6. Use the poster that I did for you!


Gallery 18

Hi to the ho! I might be very late for updating some new poster in past a year. College succeed in driving me nuts. So, as I’m in holiday right now. I decided to provide some helps for friends, esp. in making posters for their fan fictions. Some may be kinda old. But, some are fresh from the PS. Haha! Enjoy!



Gallery 17

I’m quite glad, some friends had left their requests and comments to my inbox. There are some of their requests that I’ve made so far. The exam weeks is kinda relaxing. Well, I can’t wait for the Christmas holiday.

Please enjoy the graphics!




(click to enlarge)

Gallery 16: Twitter Background

Well, well, well … I can’t stand to not post this mater then hahaha. I’m may be too overjoyed for the blog comeback, but yeah, I want to post some collection from my DA. Here’s some Twitter background that I’ve made so far. Hope you love them, but don’t forget to leave a comment if you interested in using couple of them.


(click to download the original size)

background tone color: e9e2d6

background color: 4cdbff

background color: e3b588

background color: 03daf1

Gallery 15

As the end of semester holiday begin, I decide to open this blog and take some requests. I feel a bit awkward after leaving this hobby for uncertain time. Still, I hope I can help friends making a graphic for them as I had studied in college. Then, here is some latest poster collection that I had made πŸ™‚ enjoy!


Gallery 13

August 17, 2012. They supposed to arranging some hilarious games or competition outside. Yeah, for small scope, I mean. It will be super boring, when we had independence day near Ramadan celebration. People choose to go back to their hometown instead of making fun games at neighbor hood, so here I am. I stayed at my room for a while and thought of making sketch. Haha πŸ˜€ Here’s my latest sketch, I did a people sketch long time ago, but I think I must learn more about human anatomy /troll.

Gallery 12: BoA Icon Set

Aloha, everybody. Yeah, it just a rusty post from my LJ, but please welcome some BoA icons that I made a couple weeks ago.
If you interested in taking some, of course… I’ll be super glad to hear that, but please don’t forget to put credit upon them and drop a feedback for me πŸ˜€

PS: click the display pictures for downloading the icons.